The flying spur hybrid by mulliner

Bentley Motors is proud to present the Flying Spur Hybrid Mulliner, by The Surgeon. A celebration of the values both Bentley and The Surgeon are renowned for, this vehicle serves as a living, roaring, revving tribute to careful craftsmanship and elevated design.

Created with Mulliner, The Surgeon’s Flying Spur Hybrid is a one-of-one marvel, inspired by a one-of-one craftsman.


Inspired by The Surgeon’s iconic black and gold shoeboxes, the eye-catching exterior of the vehicle incorporates a duotone mix of Anthracite Black and Satin Anthracite Black, all subtly contrasted with bespoke Satin Bronze accents. The 22’ wheels reflect the same color scheme with Anthracite Satin rims and Satin Bronze pinstriping applied to their outer edges.

As with any Surgeon creation, there’s more to this custom than meets the eye. Open the doors and you’ll find The Surgeon’s signature skull and scalpel marque projected onto the floor just outside the cabin, a daring introduction to the myriad surprises awaiting you inside.


The Engine

The Flying Spur Hybrid strikes the perfect balance of luxurious comfort and thrilling performance. Meticulously designed inside and out, this vehicle hides a 2.9-liter V6 hybrid underneath its hood, delivering the sense of limitless power that Bentley is known for. Together with a powerful 100kW electric motor, the engine can power the car to a top speed of 177 mph and reach a speed of 60 mph in 4.1 seconds.


The inside of The Surgeon’s Flying Spur Hybrid cocoons the driver in a world of seemingly endless luxuries. Complemented by a Beluga Black interior, the seats are wrapped in a fine Linen hide with bespoke Bronze piping and Surgeon embellishments.

These bold aesthetic choices are artfully accented with first-of-its-kind liquid amber veneers. Sourced from the red gum tree, the wood undergoes a natural smoking process to develop a rich brown luster with a red hue. Once the smoking process is complete, two finishes are applied: a rich open-pore liquid amber above a high-gloss liquid amber. Laser-etched with The Surgeon’s skull and scalpel marque, these veneers surround both the front passenger seat and driver’s seat.



The rear of the cabin maintains the same exceptional creative standards as the front. Bentley’s unique, three-dimensional wood lines the rear doors in a deep, warm walnut, while the backseats sport the same fine Linen hides and bespoke Bronze piping as the front.

In between these seats, passengers will find both the front and rear consoles finished in a grand Black, accompanied by The Surgeon’s skull and scalpel logo etched in chrome.


the shoes

No Surgeon vehicle would be complete without signature sneakers to match. These shoes mirror the vehicle with every detail, incorporating the same cross-stitching as the vehicle’s steering wheel, the same diamond quilting as the vehicle’s interior, and the same materials throughout — selected by hand from Bentley’s factory floor.

As a final touch, the keys to the one-of-one Flying Spur Hybrid sit within the sneakers, making vehicle entry and ignition effortless.



What would you do with the Bentley Mulliner team at your side? Find out by building your own Flying Spur Hybrid now. Explore our seemingly endless color, material, and finish options to create a Bentley that feels unique to you.