The Collaboration

A year in the making, Bentley is proud to debut its collaboration with The Surgeon, a.k.a. Dominic Ciambrone. Designed to reflect our century-long commitment to both craftsmanship and style, this collection of limited-edition sneakers marks an exciting new chapter in the Bentley legacy.

Read about the collaboration from Dominic’s perspective and see how he translated his decades of sneaker customization experience into something truly extraordinary.

The Designs

“Each sneaker colorway mirrors the individual characteristics of a certain Bentley vehicle range.”
-The Surgeon

The thrilling performance of Bentley’s S and Speed ranges comes to life in Titan Grey and Cricket Ball colors. The Azure’s focus on wellbeing is represented with a calming Portofino blue. The Flying Spur’s signature balance of luxury and performance is symbolized with a smooth Porpoise grey and, finally, the bespoke qualities of Mulliner find their place in a yet-to-be-revealed vehicle collaboration that incorporates both Beluga (Black) and Anthracite (Dark Grey Metallic).


The Details

“My process is unique in the sense that I just like going through the factory. We're inspired by how Bentley vehicles are made and, from that energy, we create and design.”
-The Surgeon

Like any Bentley vehicle, the details are what make these handcrafted sneakers distinct. The cross-stitching incorporates the same techniques applied to every Bentley steering wheel. The exterior sports the same signature diamond quilting present in every vehicle’s interior. The hides themselves were pulled straight from the Bentley factory’s floor.

These small touches, combined with The Surgeon’s signature aesthetic, transform these sneakers into authentic Bentley creations.


The Motto

“We have to keep moving forward. In this life, you can’t ever quit. I never stopped and never will; it’s our motto and we live by it.”
-The Surgeon

The Surgeon’s creative ethos, “Never Stop,” is proudly displayed on every sneaker in the collection. It’s a challenge posed to both the artists creating the shoes and the people wearing them: to continue to push the boundaries of your craft, whatever it may be, and to never stop evolving.


The Purpose

“We craft our shoes at the highest level. They’re made to last and made to be worn.”
-The Surgeon

Much like the craftspeople at Bentley’s factory in Crewe, The Surgeon did not design these sneakers to sit unworn under a gallery light. A true Art in Motion piece, these sneakers belong in the real world, stepping, flexing, and striding with whomever wears them.


Create your own Bentley

Take your first steps into the limitless world of customization by configuring your very own Bentley vehicle. Explore the myriad of color, material, and finish options at your fingertips and let your creativity guide you to a first-of-its-kind Bentley design.