Bentley and the shoe surgeon

Cut from the same cloth

Since 1919, Bentley has produced extraordinary cars with the finest materials and the most exceptional craftspeople. To further that legacy, Bentley worked with The Surgeon, a creative collective founded by Dominic Ciambrone, to create a limited-edition line of Bentley-inspired sneakers. Read about the collaboration from Dominic’s perspective and see how he’s translating his decades of experience into a series of modern masterpieces.


The start of the Surgeon

“As a kid, I was always creating. When I first got into fashion, it was because the way I dressed would make me feel a certain way. I wore a certain sneaker to high school and it attracted people. But it also attracted me to an art: turning sneakers into a canvas and turning that canvas into my voice.”


The connection

“There are so many similarities between Bentley and The Surgeon. It’s the respect for the craft, the quality, and the integrity. The whole factory is just an amazing place to visit — to see passionate humans creating, showing their art, and showing what they're into with the different processes. That energy is just next level.”


The Process

“My process is unique in the sense that I just like going through the factory. We're inspired by how it's made and, from that energy, we create and design. It's amazing to just go through the entire process and see all these different things and then sometimes be overwhelmed by it and let it flow. And then I translate all of that into designs that are on brand.”


The Ambition

“To make the shoe and the car true Surgeon creations, it’s about doing the things we’re asked not to. We want to push the limits, push the boundaries, and to try and do more. There are a few first-time-ever’s we’re building into these designs, and you can see it and you can feel it from all the years we’ve been doing this. That’s what I’m most excited about.”


The Reveal

The Surgeon will reveal four unique pairs of Bentley-inspired sneakers, with each representing a different Bentley vehicle line. Be one of the first to see how The Surgeon blends his distinctive style with Bentley’s extraordinary legacy by signing up for email updates here, and attend Art Basel this December to see the final chapter in this collaboration.



The Surgeon began his Bentley journey by touring our factory in Crewe, drawing inspiration from the extraordinary people, the fine materials, and the rich colors. Begin your inspired journey today by designing your very own Bentley vehicle.

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