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Bentley unveils new look for the Netherlands

The new Bentley Leusden showroom has been revealed after an extensive upgrade.  Bentley Leusden officially welcomed customers and guests to the new showroom for the first time last Thursday.

Robert Engstler, Regional Director, Bentley Europe, said at the opening: “It is our number one priority to ensure that our customers have a unique Bentley experience. In this new showroom they will enter an exclusive world of unparalleled design, personalised service, automotive passion and unmatched attention to detail. I am glad we took this important step in the Netherlands together with our partners at Bentley Leusden.”

Being the only Bentley retailer in the Netherlands, Bentley Leusden offers customers the full model range, pre-owned vehicles, as well as Aftersales service and the Bentley Collection, Bentley's branded luxury goods.

The showroom reopening marks market-entry for the all-new Bentayga, the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world.

The updated showroom reflects Bentley’s new global corporate identity, taking inspiration from the company’s rich history and combining it with modern-day luxury retailing. It also features a private personalisation area where customers can choose from the brand’s broad palette of exterior paints and leather options.

For more information on Bentley Leusden visit their Dealer website.