Bentley Beyond the Collection - Magnetic Amber

Bentley Fragrances takes us on a journey to Panama with a stunning new addition to Bentley BEYOND The Collection: warm, ambery woody Magnetic Amber, an inclusive fragrance for anyone with a taste for exclusive scents.

Composed by master perfumers, Bentley BEYOND The Collection matches peerless ingredients with exotic destinations. A luxurious wardrobe of scents for trailblazers, the collection satisfies their appreciation of meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality materials and originality. For these exacting customers, fragrance is an individual statement, an adventure.


The new fragrance: A journey to Panama with Magnetic Amber

With Magnetic Amber, Grasse-born Master Perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni takes us on an olfactory voyage to a land of fascinating contrasts inspired by the treasure of exotic Panama: white amber.

As the fragrance unfolds, it reveals the seductive warmth of its heart with two natural jewels native to South America: sensual, smoky vanilla (sourced from Madagascar) and tonka bean with its almond and tobacco facets.

In Magnetic Amber, this captivating note is highlighted by the warm resinous scent of labdanum, bolstered by elegant cedar from Virginia to create a rich, potent drydown extending far into the sweet-breezed Panamanian night.

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A majestic flacon reflecting the luxury codes of the marque

With Magnetic Amber, the Collection introduces a new, eco-friendly, natural material, wood. Echoing the natural materials used in the fragrance, wood is featured in the form of a ring on the bottle’s cap, and on the plate of the beige coffret.

The majestic faceted flacon is inspired by the signature cut-crystal glass headlights of the Continental GT. The stability of the heavy 400-gram bottle is ensured by a thick glass base. The legendary “Winged B” logo is engraved on the silver metal shoulders of the flacon.

The alluring amber colour of the scent reflects the new fragrance's soul: Intriguing. Delicious. Addictive. An imperial olfactory journey through South America's best kept secrets: its smoky rums, sweet woods and delectable petals.

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Bentley BEYOND The Collection Magnetic Amber
£165 for 100ml