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Bentley x Dezeen Lighthouse Talk: Rethinking Luxury Materials

Bentley has teamed up with Dezeen to launch the Lighthouse Talks, a series of conversations championing design excellence and sustainable solutions across architecture & interior design.

These talks will bring together the change makers, innovators and creative leaders who will set the agenda for the rest of us to follow.

First Lighthouse Talk: Rethinking Luxury Materials
The first talk, held at the Bentley Home Atelier in Milan, explored the future of luxury, focusing on new material innovations and sustainability. The discussion was led by Max Frazer, Editorial director at Dezeen, who was joined by 4 speakers – Chris Cooke, Head of Bentley Design Collaborations, Monique Zappala, Art Creative Director at Bentley Home, Ilse Crawford, Designer and founder, Studioilse, Maurizio Montalti, Chairman and co-founder Sqim/Ephea/Mogu.

The key theme of the discussion was the nature of luxury materials and their environmental impact - questioning a continued focus on materials that are environmentally harmful such as rare woods and high grade leathers. 

With concern about the environmental impact of our consumption rising, people becoming more aware of their impact on our planet. The panel discussed ways in which luxury brands can align their use of materials with the values of customers.

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