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Bentley’s bespoke division – Mulliner – has continued to see exponential growth in 2022, continuing the trend seen last year. Requests for personalisation and bespoke content via Mulliner have risen by 200 per cent since 2020, to the highest level in the company’s history. On average, three Bentleys per day are now produced that include bespoke requests.

Dating back to the early days at Le Mans, a new feature being introduced is 18K Gold Plated Organ Stops. They pay homage to the original Bentley Boys, whilst providing an iconic and timeless finish. The feature appeared recently in one of Mulliner’s Limited Edition cars and add to the interior of any specially curated Bentley. The Number 9 Edition by Mulliner was in honour of Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin – one of the original ‘Bentley Boys’ of the 1920s and ‘30s. Birkin was a Bentley customer, investor and a racing driver, full of entrepreneurial spirit and ambition – and through the determined collaboration of man and machine, the 4½ litre ‘Blower’ was born.

The second new addition is an increased selection of open-pore veneer. Inspired by the natural effect of Stone veneers, the latest offering now includes Liquid Amber, Vavona and Tamo Ash in more sustainable open-pore finishes. All are treated with an ultra-thin matt lacquer solely for protection and gives the surface the natural texture of the wood, varying from the more traditional smooth gloss finished and using 90 per cent less lacquer.

Selected from only the very best, most figured stock available, open-pore veneer is painted with just three ultra-thin layers of lacquer, together totalling only 0.1 mm in thickness. By comparison, Bentley’s High Gloss lacquer coating is 0.5 mm thick and has a glossy, smooth finish. Each layer is applied by hand and sanded between applications, ensuring the lacquer sticks to the natural grooves of the wood. The resulting finish is wax-like and perfectly highlights the authentic, natural colour and texture of the wood species.

The Mulliner Personal Commissioning Guide offers a unique mix of traditional and contemporary options that will appeal to Bentley’s diverse and extraordinary clients. Customers can choose bespoke hide colours, painted veneers, personalised interior stitching and tweed trimmed door inserts to name but a few of the unique offerings from Bentley Mulliner that can be used to enhance the unique look and feel of their Bentley.