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New Winter Wheel Packages

Bentley is launching new winter wheel packages for the upcoming colder season. Customers who are interested in a fresh new look for their Bentley can choose to prepare their car for winter, with an elegant 21" alloy wheel – bringing new visual appeal to match the enhanced winter performance offered by Bentley’s Pirelli winter tyres.

There are four 21” winter wheel packages now available - one for Continental GT, GT Convertible and Flying Spur, one for Continental GT Speed and two for Bentayga. Through specially developed winter tyres, owners of all models will have the confidence to enjoy the performance of their vehicles during the wintery conditions. Continental GT and GT Convertible owners are now able to select the beautiful twin-10-spoke alloy wheel with a dark grey painted and bright-machined finish for the first time this winter.

The wheel packages provide the simplest method for swapping between summer and winter tyres and helps to prolong tyre wear whilst used in their optimum conditions.

To find out more about the new Bentley winter tyres, contact your local Bentley dealer using the button below.

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Tread Pattern

The tyres have many additional grooves or recesses that help to displace water, but also dig into the snow and ice. The extra edges of the grooves help with providing traction into snow and can snare road debris acting like temporary studs. The tread is visually more open.

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Tyre Compound

Winter tyres have a softer compound than a summer tyre containing more silica allowing the blocks to stay soft and supple in colder temperatures. Summer tyres in wintery conditions become more rigid and do not mould to the road surface and therefore provide less grip.

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Block and Groove Design

By design, the rubber blocks of winter tyres vibrate whilst driving, shaking out any snow or road debris. The large open grooves allow water to drain and provide good lateral stability. In comparison, the small grooves on summer tyres would become clogged and less effective.

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Winter tyres are mandatory in certain regions during winter, please be aware of and refer to regional winter tyre legal requirements for more information.