Julie Brangstrup on Cash & Rocket and her Bentayga

The extraordinary person, businesswoman and Bentley owner brings women together inspiring them on how to make an impact on people's lives. After meeting Julie Brangstrup in London we changed our perspective about the lack of time in our lives. The consultant, philanthropist, event organiser, mother of seven, and founder of Cash & Rocket drove her passion for cars into a way of fund-raising for charity. We’ve asked Julie some questions about her business, experience and inspirations.




How did your business arise?

As a mother of seven, my work is all about empowering women. While our tour promises to create long-lasting memories and make new friendships, our clear aim is to raise global awareness and funds for women and children around the world. I founded Cash & Rocket to create an international community of inspiring women who, through female solidarity, make a tangible change by raising money for charities worldwide. Our aim is to show that women make a difference as a united force. Throughout history, women have done things differently to create change in society. We do it together. Our DNA is inspiring and motivating women. We believe connection empowers us.

Since our inaugural tour in 2012, Cash & Rocket has raised over $5.2 m for charity. By working together, we are making a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of women and children worldwide, providing life-changing support through education.

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What is your business goal for next year?

To concentrate on the Cash & Rocket community throughout the year and help to flow down to the beneficiaries of the charity.

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By doing something, not just talking about it. Go out there and do what you can for those less fortunate - your time and inspiration can be just as valuable as your money. Even marginal improvements in people’s situations can create a breadth of opportunity in their life - particularly through access to education that has the capacity to compound change over years.

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Who are you going to help next?

We will continue to work with our charity partners to the point where we believe we have created a sustainable organisation that has the capacity to maximise its potential. We typically work with three to four charities to help them transition from very limited infrastructure and funding capabilities to one that can utilise the founder’s skills - whether it be in running the operations, teaching or raising money and filling the gaps where their skills are less impactful.

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My children and working towards making them good citizens of the world and through my work inspiring them to do something to change the world for the better.

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Tell us about the most extraordinary journey you’ve had with your Bentley

Driving for me is freedom and I love the journey and the adventures that my Bentley has given me. She is a great drive and I have enough space for my many children so we can share the memories.

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What inspires you?

I’m getting inspired watching all the women that we’re supporting that no matter what trauma what they’ve been through, they just keep going with a smile on their face as they really have this passion of succeeding and don’t want to let their kids down or their family down.

I also get inspired by powerful women, women that build something, women that are not afraid to tell their opinions and stand up for themselves all the way through their career even if they’ve chosen a path that is very male dominated.

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