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Bentley win at Robb Report German Luxury Awards

The Robb Report Germany have published their inaugural Luxury Awards for 2018, in which ten new cars are highlighted as the best luxury cars of the year. These new awards celebrate the growing luxury sector in Germany. Bentley has been featured amongst this list, winning an award for the newly launched Continental GT. 

The new Continental GT was awardd the title of 'Best Grand Touring Sports Car'. The Robb Report bestowed this title with the jury offering this explanation: 

'There is no car that is so luxurious and at the same time sporty as the Bentley Continental GT. With the new GT Bentley has made a quantum leap. It has become 200 kilos lighter and in terms of performance it presents the sharpest variant of its predecessor: everything is different, everything is new, everything is a lot better! It may sound hackneyed, but the Continental GT pulls around the corner like it is being pulled on a string. Driving dynamics and handling are beyond all doubt sublime. You can drive this car playfully, even if you're not a racer, and it responds just like that. 

The new GT also looks the ideal Gran Tourer. Perfectly tuned to win a race, though just as perfect for driving relaxed to the racetrack and back again. No other vehicle combines both comfort and sports features in such a perfect way. Real luxury and at the same time uncompromising agility.'

The Robb Report Germany Luxury Awards ceremony has been held at the premises of KPM Royal Porcelain in Berlin, in the presence of senior representatives from the automotive industry. A trophy has been made especially for the awards by the craftspeople at KPM Royal Porcelain. 

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