About Pre-Owned

Few cars on the road are as finely crafted as a Pre-Owned Bentley, or exhibit the same levels of luxury and heart-stopping performance.

95 Years of Perfection
With a heritage of competitive racing and hand craftsmanship that reaches back over 95 years, Bentley is unique. Every car to bear the Bentley marque has been built to the same exacting standards, whether it comes to you brand new or from the Pre-Owned Bentley programme.

Every Bentley certified as Pre-Owned* has been checked, reconditioned and guaranteed by technicians trained by Bentley Motors. For more information, contact your local Bentley dealer for news of the Pre-Owned Bentleys currently available.

*Pre-Owned is known as Certified Pre-Owned in the US and Canada. All Pre-Owned Bentley cars are fully certified by Bentley, wherever in the world they are purchased.