Mulliner Limited Edition: Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition

The Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition* by Mulliner is inspired by the No. 1 Bentley Blower along with the Hon. Dorothy Paget – the remarkable woman who helped turn the car into a legend. It brings the pioneering spirit of a golden age in motor racing to the modern open-air grand tourer.

The third and final Limited Edition in our Centenary series, following on from the Continental GT Number 9 Edition and the Mulsanne W.O. Edition, it celebrates a century of innovation.

*This car is no longer available for sale. 

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Inspired by a legend

The Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition by Mulliner pays homage to a car that defined an era. With a supercharged 4½ litre engine and lightweight aluminium body, the original No. 1 Blower delivered incredibly powerful and agile performance for its day, setting the Outer Circuit lap speed record at Brooklands in 1932.

Sharing the same exhilaration of driving a powerful car with the wind on your face, the Number 1 Edition elevates the contemporary design of the new Continental GT Convertible with distinctive detailing inspired by its namesake. This modern interpretation of a renowned car is an exciting fusion of Bentley’s past, present and future.

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A hidden rarity

Combining modern innovation with inimitable character, the Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition by Mulliner is a celebration of Bentley’s first 100 extraordinary years. With only 100 cars ever being made, this is a rare and exclusive opportunity to own a piece of Bentley history.

As with the other two cars in the trilogy, this car features a very special added detail. A piece of a piston taken from the No. 1 Blower during its restoration has been exquisitely recast into the shape of a Bentley wheel spinner, much like those of the No. 1 Blower. Displayed within the Bentley Rotating Display on the Number 1 Edition’s beautifully veneered fascia, this fascinating detail makes every one of these cars unique.

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Sporting character.

With its long sleek lines, the No. 1 Bentley Blower evoked a sense of speed and presence – as does the new Continental GT Convertible. The roof folds and rests incredibly low, revealing a graceful design line that sweeps up from the side panels and around the rear seats in a single, flowing line.

The Number 1 Edition’s striking appearance is intensified by a choice of two arresting paint colours: Dragon Red II, a nod to the No. 1 Blower’s distinguished red colour, or the black of Beluga. You can choose between Claret or Beluga for the roof, and the 22” Mulliner Driving Specification wheels are painted in gloss Black or Cricket Ball.

A painted Number 1 has been added to the front grille and there is an 18-carat gold-plated Number 1 badge on the fender. The Blackline Specification and Carbon Body Kit reflect the black detailing on the No. 1 Bentley Blower and heighten the car’s sporting characteristics.

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Distinctive details

Inside, details inspired by the No. 1 Blower continue to enhance this car’s unique design. These range from the Number 1 treadplates and Grand Black veneer with a chrome strip and Number 1 overlay, to the turned aluminium Engine Spin finish, British Jaeger Number 1 clock face and 18-carat gold-plated organ stops – reminiscent of the switchgear found in the No. 1 Blower - on the centre console.

The cabin is upholstered in high-gloss heritage hides, popular in the era of the Blower. To continue the theme of the exterior you can choose between Cricket Ball or Beluga, with the Alcantara steering wheel and gear lever matched to the main hide. The use of a single colour throughout unifies the modern interior, while the debossed ‘B’ from the No. 1 Blower’s door pads has been added to both the door pads and headrests, further capturing the racing quality of the No. 1.

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The Brooklands Battleship

Without pioneering individuals like the Hon. Dorothy Paget, the No. 1 Bentley Blower would never have existed. Both fabulously wealthy and eccentric, her passion for power and speed extended from horse racing to motor racing – which was lucky for Bentley Boy and racing driver, Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin. Thanks to her financial backing, the first ever supercharged Bentley – the No. 1 Bentley Blower – was born in 1929.

It soon earned the nickname ‘Brooklands Battleship’ in thrilling style after Birkin continued competing in a 500-mile endurance race, despite its fabric-covered body catching fire mid-way through the race.

Dorothy Paget showed her support once more. She paid for it to be re-bodied with a single lightweight aluminium shell and painted in its now famous racing red colour. The car went on to set the Brooklands Outer Circuit lap speed record in 1932, recording an impressive 137mph.

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An enduring racing spirit

Described as having ‘outstanding significance’ to British racing heritage, the No. 1 Blower set the record in 2012 for being the most expensive British-built car ever sold. Today, the Number 1 Edition’s 6.0 litre 12-cylinder engine more than lives up to its predecessor’s legendary pursuit of innovation and performance.

The Bentley Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition by Mulliner represents a rare opportunity to own a breathtaking modern grand tourer with the adventurous spirit of one of the most illustrious racing cars ever made. To find out more about this remarkable car, register your interest here.

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