The Bentley Story

Our extraordinary story is one of great innovation, ambition and achievement. Every model ever to bear the Bentley badge has represented the pinnacle of its generation’s motoring experience, fusing thrilling performance with handcrafted luxury and ground-breaking technologies. As we step into the future and develop technologies that promise to transform motorsport forever, our promise of Extraordinary Journeys remains unchanged.

In this section, you can explore Bentley’s vision for the world of tomorrow, captured in our “Beyond100” strategy that has sustainability at its heart. You can also discover the concept cars that offer a glimpse into the extraordinary future of luxury mobility.

Of course, the Bentley story is not just one of extraordinary cars and machines, but of exceptional people, too. From W.O. Bentley, who founded Bentley Motors in 1919, to the current team of over 4,000 dedicated employees, our extraordinary cars have always been designed and built by exceptional craftspeople using only the finest of materials.

These extraordinary individuals also brought their daring attitude to the driving seat. From the passionate Bentley Boys and Girls who raced the cars in the 1920s, encouraging W.O. Bentley to achieve ever greater feats of engineering, to the visionary Bentley owners of today, Bentley drivers have long shaped the world around them.

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