Bentayga-Hybrid-in-Ice-white-paint- driving-on-city-road

Bentayga Hybrid

First, Bentayga reshaped the SUV. Now, it is redefining the hybrid. Bentayga Hybrid is Bentley’s first step on a journey towards an electric future, embracing forward-thinking technology to enhance modern living. It delivers all the impressive performance and exquisite craftsmanship you would expect from a Bentley, and adds an exceptionally serene driving experience.

This is the world’s first luxury hybrid.

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Bentayga Hybrid is designed and engineered at the Bentley factory in Crewe, and the Bentley DNA is immediately visible in its sleek lines, B-shaped wing vents and distinctive headlamp cluster. It is instantly recognisable as a member of the Bentayga family, with the flowing curves and seamless surfaces of its advanced aluminium exterior balancing sportiness with SUV presence.

Discreet Hybrid badging on the tailgate and lower door area announce its remarkable capabilities in style, while painted 21” five twin-spoke alloy wheels as standard make an already stunning exterior even more eye-catching.

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Bentayga Hybrid front cabin interior showing leather and veneer


Handcrafted from the finest materials, Bentayga Hybrid’s interior engenders a sense of calm by soothing the senses. It is beautiful to look at, with the upper cabin trimmed in Eliade, a contemporary technical fabric that contrasts perfectly with the lacquered veneers running around the cabin. It is pleasing to the touch, with exquisitely comfortable fluted seats and a tactile diamond knurling finish to the driver controls. It is also exceptionally relaxing to the ear, with the satisfying silence of the all-electric driving mode enhanced by eight layers of noise isolation that keep the sounds of the city at bay.

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Bentayga Hybrid driving on an overpass in a city at night with blurred lights from cars


Bentley has always pushed the boundaries of performance, and now Bentayga Hybrid adds a new measure by which performance can be judged: serenity – a quality in which this groundbreaking SUV excels. Effortless acceleration, even at low speeds, makes driving feel truly sublime, while the exquisite silence of the electric EV Drive mode brings a sense of calm to urban journeys – one that is enhanced by the satisfaction of enjoying the lowest CO2 emissions of the Bentayga range.

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This may be a hybrid, but it is also very much a Bentley. So you can be sure there are no compromises when it comes to the more traditional measures of performance: power and speed. The class-leading V6 petrol engine contains a twin-scroll turbocharger that enables rapid response and high efficiency, and the engine works seamlessly with the electric motor to provide an impressive 700 Nm of combined torque. This allows Bentayga Hybrid to go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds (0 to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds) and on to a top speed of 158 mph (254 km/h), making this remarkable SUV as exhilarating as it is serene.

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Bentayga Hybrid has three modes - Hybrid, Hold and the all-electric EV Drive - covering between them every conceivable customer requirement. In Hybrid mode, intelligent technology ensures the most appropriate energy source is always used, helping to maximise electric driving and minimise emissions and fuel consumption. Intelligent navigation works with the car’s navigation system to preserve battery charge for urban areas. An intelligent accelerator pedal ensures you can feel when you’re about to engage the V6 engine, giving you total control, while intelligent coasting switches off the petrol engine when you take your foot off the accelerator to increase efficiency even further. Intelligent braking seamlessly combines the electric motor with the conventional hydraulic system for light and effortless braking.

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new paint pebble 1920x670.jpg


With new colours available for Bentayga Hybrid, including the rich red Cricket Ball, you can add your own dash of colour to the world around you. There are seven standard paint colours and five standard hide colours to choose from, or you can take advantage of the full range which extends to around 100 paint colours, including 12 duo-tone options, and 15 hide colours.

To discover the almost endless range of colours, trims and veneers and create your ideal SUV, explore the Bentley Configurator.

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mulliner-style-spec-on-bentayga-exterior-wheel 1920x670.jpg


A selection of specifications available as cost options across the Bentayga range provide the perfect finishing touches. Particularly suited to Bentayga Hybrid are the City Specification, with a range of features that help you navigate the urban environment, such as Park Assist, Pedestrian Warning and Traffic Sign Recognition, and the Mulliner Style Specification, which makes the cabin feel even more serene thanks to exceptional details such as contrast stitching, Mulliner embroidery, deep pile overmats and Alcantara soft loose Mulliner cushions. You can learn more about the available specifications and accessories here.

The Personal Touch
To make your Bentayga Hybrid completely unique, the Mulliner personal commissioning department offers a truly bespoke service, with further paint and finish options and a range of interior features.

For more information on the Bentayga Hybrid specification, please visit our Bentley Configurator.

*Denotes feature not available in all markets
**All technical data is based on the North American drive cycle and is provisional, subject to Type Approval

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Technical Specifications

Performance Measures

Performance Measures


Engine Capacity

2995 cc (V6 Engine) , 17.3 kWh (Lithium-ion battery with on-board charger) **

Max power

443 bhp / 449 PS / 330 kW (Combined System Power), 335 bhp / 340 PS / 250 kW (V6 Engine), 126 bhp / 128 PS / 94 kW (E-Drive) **

Max torque

516 lb-ft / 700 Nm (Combined System Torque), 332 lb-ft / 450 Nm (V6 Engine), 258 lb-ft / 350 Nm (E-Drive) **

Fuel type

Petrol and Electric


0 - 60 mph 5.2 seconds, 0 - 100 km/h 5.5 seconds **

Max speed

158 mph / 254 km/h **

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption


EPA Drive Cycle City Driving


EPA Drive Cycle Highway Driving


EPA Drive Cycle Combined

50 US mpg (gasoline equivalent) **

CO2 EPA Drive Cycle

199 g/mile, 124 g/km **

Weights and Volumes

Weights and Volumes


Kerb Weight

5774 lb / 2619 kg (4 seats), 5789 lb / 2626 kg (5 seats)

Gross Vehicle Weight

7165 lb / 3250 kg

Boot Volume

427 litres / 15.08 cu ft (4 seats), 480 litres / 16.95 cu ft (5 seats), 1770 litres / 62.51 cu ft (5 seats, folded)

Fuel Tank Capacity

16.5 gallons / 19.8 US gallons / 75 litres




Overall Length

202.4 in / 5140 mm

Width Across Mirrors

87.6 in / 2224 mm

Width With Folded Mirrors

78.7 in / 1998 mm

Overall Height

68.6 in /68.0 in / 1727 mm (Normal), 69.4 in / 1762 mm (Suspension 1), 70.0 in / 1777 mm (Suspension 2)


117.9 in / 2995 mm