Celebrating Brooklands race track centenary

Since the Bentley Brooklands official launch at the Geneva Motorshow in March 2007, there have been a number of activities that have continued to cement its position as the Worlds Most Exclusive Coupé, with the latest being a unique driving experience that only Bentley could facilitate.

June 2007 saw the Brooklands race track celebrate it’s centenary.  To help mark this prestigious occasion two of the most successful vintage Bentley racers Speed Six models, ‘Old Number 2’ and ‘Old Number 3’, were reunited at the circuit, along with the Bentley Brooklands.

Bentley was the single, most successful marque at the Brooklands race track, winning a staggering 172 out of 672 races entered, including 73 outright wins.  It is this proud sporting pedigree that was the inspiration for the Bentley Brooklands, capturing the true essence of that era.

20 journalists from both classic car and lifestyle magazine that were invited to witness this unique event and to then take part in the Brooklands Heritage drive from the Brooklands circuit making their way through the picturesque Cotswolds as convoy, complete with modern Arnage and Azure models, coming to the end at the Bentley Factory at Crewe. 

The drive was designed specifically to support the link between Bentley’s racing heritage and Brooklands race track, and for many it was not only their first opportunity to drive in a vintage car, but also opportunity for them to familiarise themselves with the current Arnage range.