Ever wondered how a company like Bentley achieves global media coverage when it launches a new car?

2007 has marked the launch of Continental GT Speed, an exciting addition to the Continental Family, building on the Continental GT the Continental GT Speed boasts a top speed of 202 mph (326 km/h) making it the fastest production engine ever produced by Bentley.

Bentley’s ‘traditional launch’ is to organise unique driving events which aim to show case a new model in their natural state, set against some of worlds most picturesque back drops and various locations around the world.  Similar to the Brooklands launch which took place in Moscow, the Continental GT Speed launch followed suite.

Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain was the location, with its glorious, mountainous backdrops and network of sinuous, demanding roads to test the mettle of both cars and drivers. A predictable, dry climate was also essential to allow journalists to exploit the full potential of the test cars, while offering photographers clear skies and atmospheric sunsets in which to capture the essence of the car.

Planning for any launch, is the first ingredient, and planning the Continental GT Speed launch started in late 2006, which is a typical lead time for preparing an event of this calibre.

Another vital ingredient is the engagement of the worlds press, which can be achieved by selecting the appropriate venue.  A venue selection must also echo Bentley’s luxury and exclusivity and the venue selected for the GT Speed did not disappoint.  A former palace of an Arabian prince, the 5-star Hotel Cortijo Soto Real stood in its own 5000-acre estate of hills and valleys, combining an attractive blend of traditional Andalucian and Moorish architecture.

Each journalist is then allowed to savour the car over the course of the launch, and are allowed exclusive access to interviews with key staff

With deliberate restrictions on car availability, the sheer volumes of journalists interested in the event and ambitious itineraries, each launch offers both planning and logistical challenges which we confront head on in true Bentley style.

All of the hard work has not been unrewarded, as following it’s official unveil at the IAA Frankfurt Motorshow on the 11th September, the universal media reaction has been encouraging with striking headlines and vibrant photography accompanying positive stories about Bentley's latest and most powerful production car.