New World Speed Record on Ice

On 10 February 2011, Juha Kankkunen set a breathtaking world record of 205.48mph (330.695 km/h) in the Continental Supersports Convertible driving on a sheet of ice.

Kankkunen returned to the hazardous frozen waters of the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Finland, in the Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible, shattering his own 2007 world ice speed record of 199.83mph (321.6 km/h) set in the Continental GT at the same location.

Kankkunen and the team battled against temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius, limited daylight, snow blizzards and strong cross winds to achieve the extraordinary record on the 14km track, created atop ice just 70cm thick covering the frozen Bay of Bothnia.

Click here to watch the record breaking film