Bentley Motors Expands into South America

The grand opening of Bentley Sao Paulo, Brazil marks Bentley’s move into the South American market. Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America and is a major centre of commerce, luxury and culture.

Owned and operated by British Cars do Brasil Ltda, Joseph Tutundjian has been named Retailer Principle for Bentley Sao Paulo. And along with his partners Antonio João Abdalla Filho, Carlos Roberto Franco De Mattos Junior and Mauro Saddi, will be the ambassadors of the Bentley brand in Sao Paulo.

“My partners and I are truly honoured to represent the Bentley brand here in Sao Paulo,” said Tutundjian. “We have long appreciated the craftsmanship, quality and performance that Bentley automobiles have to offer.”

The Bentley Sao Paulo showroom is now open for business located on Rue Columbia, while the service facility is a few kilometres away on Avenida Ulysses Reis de Mattos.