The Partnership

The pairing of Naim Audio and Bentley is an ideal partnership. For both Bentley and Naim, an enduring relationship with our customers is core to our philosophy.

Just as we are as passionate about ensuring that every Bentley gives its owner years of enjoyment, Naim works with its customers to ensure that their audio systems produce beautiful music for just as long.

Both are proud of our British heritage and reputation for offering our customers the very best products in our respective industries. Naim’s highly specialised team of world-class engineers and designers have a passion and commitment to music that enables them to deliver what is considered by many audio enthusiasts – and their loyal customer base – to be the finest range of audio equipment available in the world today.

Bentley’s electrical engineers worked in partnership with Naim’s expert audio engineers in the joint development from design concept through to in car production. The result the Naim for Bentley sound system. An enthralling and emotive experience that places you right at the head of the music as if you were actually at the performance, whether it’s an intimate jazz club or the exhilaration of a stadium

Bentley and Naim. A natural affinity for excellence.  A no compromise approach to sound quality.