The new Continental GT V8 S features an improved version of Bentley’s phenomenal 4 litre V8 engine. It has been tuned to deliver even more horsepower and torque, even faster acceleration and a higher top speed.

An upgraded suspension delivers a more responsive drive through revisions to key areas such as dampers, anti-roll bars and steering tune, whilst the optional sports exhaust system features completely redesigned silencers, revised pipe architecture and re-tuned mountings to create a free-breathing system with the powerful, throaty roar you expect from a sporting V8.

Inside, the car represents the cutting-edge of grand touring technology. The car can pair with almost any Bluetooth smartphone, tablet or media player to enable your films and music to be played through the in car entertainment system.

The sound system built into every Continental GT V8 S features custom Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers, which combine the functions of separate tweeters and mid-range speakers in a single unit, making it possible to direct sound with accuracy and clarity across the audible spectrum. For the ultimate audio experience, the Naim for Bentley sound system takes things one step further, with fifteen channels of flawless sound filling your Continental’s cabin.