Interior Design and Craftsmanship

With its gleaming, geometrically precise overlapping circles, engine-turned aluminium – also known as ‘engine spin’ – has indelible associations with Bentley sporting success. The dashboard of ‘Old Number One’,  the Speed Six that won two Le Mans 24 Hour races in the 1920s, is made of it. Bentley offers two engine spin options for the interior – one in Bright Tint Aluminium and the other, unique to the Continental GT Speed models, in Dark Tint Aluminium, its understated shade the perfect complement to the dark tint chrome radiator and bumper grilles.

When you drive a Bentley, leather provides the tactile connection between your hands and the high-performance grand tourer at your command. Leather also covers the seats, supporting you securely under hard cornering. In fact, every soft-touch surface in the cockpit is covered with leather produced using a special, traditional tanning process. Seventeen different hide colours are available, with the choice of single or two-colour hide upholstery, and a choice of hand-stitching. Choose contrast stitching, and a contrasting colour will be used for the stitching on the seats, doors, rear quarter panels, centre console, armrests. You can also specify contrast stitching on the steering wheel and hand-crafted cross stitching for the ultimate in luxury, contemporary style.

Some might consider it excessive to offer a choice of carpet and seat belt colours that’s as extensive as Bentley’s range of hides. But such people don’t work at Crewe, home of Bentley Motors, here we understand that perfection resides as much in the details as in the broad brush strokes. So whether you want your seat belts to match the main hide or the secondary hide, whether your carpet overmats have contrast binding or single colour, your Continental GT Speed Convertible will be crafted to your specifications. Perfect, in every detail.