Exterior Design

Dark Star.

Few designs have achieved iconic status as swiftly or as unanimously as the Continental GT. Its superformed creases and wind-carved lines are sleek, strong and sensual; the large inner headlight, muscular powerline and matrix grille give fresh expression to the heritage of Bentley grand touring. But the Continental GT Speed expresses a darker side to the marque’s character. In contrast to the bright chrome grille of the W12-engined GT coupé, the matrix grille and air intakes of the Speed are in a dark-tint chrome finish and are matched to equally striking dark tint front & rear lamps. The dark tint 21" Speed alloy wheels are unique to this model, and are available in silver also should the customer prefer. Large, elliptical exhaust tailpipes feature a rifled interior, while the engine note that emerges from them is deeper and more emphatic.

Open the bonnet and the theme continues, with a black inlet manifold a visual clue to the new 635 PS W12 Speed engine. Even the unique sports suspension, lowered by 10 mm, adds to the impact. Each design feature, taken individually, is a subtle one, yet the overall effect is dramatic: lower, darker, more menacing. And the enamel winged ‘B’ that sits above the dark-tint matrix grille? Black, of course.