Everyday Practicality

A Bentley doesn’t wear out. It wears in.

This advanced technology that delivers such outstanding performance, traction, refinement and comfort will continue to do so for years to come.

Bentley’s W12 is a remarkable engine, both for its performance and its architecture, delivering the refinement and power of a twelve-cylinder engine within the compact dimensions of a conventional V8. Its power driven through Bentley’s new eight-speed transmission to all four wheels, the GT Speed’s W12 offers a full spectrum of performance from whisper-quiet cruise to snarling full-throttle acceleration.

Remarkably it also delivers lower emissions and better fuel economy than its predecessor, matching the figures achieved by the 575 PS Continental GT exactly. Through their pursuit of power, Bentley’s engineers have created a remarkable engine in the GT Speed. Better still, they haven’t compromised refinement or efficiency along the way.

The Continental GT Speed may be the fastest, most powerful Bentley in our range. It may be capable of 206 miles an hour. But you don’t have to have the physical attributes of a racing driver to enjoy its performance. The sculpted  seats provide the right degree of support and softness; soft and yielding as you settle in, they’re firm enough to keep you comfortable for hour after hour, especially if you choose ventilated seats with massage as one of your GT Speed options. The hand-trimmed steering wheel can be electrically adjusted precisely to your reach and shoulder height; the paddle-shift falls easily to hand. And for longer journeys, you will find all the incidental details of switches, touchscreen, stowage and ergonomics make the GT Speed a true grand tourer: relaxing, comfortable and confidence-inspiring.