zai For Bentley

Zai for Bentley skis bring the same levels of design and craftsmanship to the slopes as Bentley’s cars bring to the roads.

Every pair of zai skis has been designed and made by hand, to deliver a ride of unsurpassed smoothness, stability and speed – like a Bentley.

Back in 2009, Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen, then CEO of Bentley Motors, tried out a pair of zai skis and loved them so much, he suggested a partnership. The two brands already shared a common DNA – innovation, craft and a passion for speed and performance. zai for Bentley skis are a distillation of this shared philosophy, combining cutting-edge technology with a long tradition of craftsmanship.

zai was founded by a team of designers and engineers intent on taking ski-making to a higher level of craft and exclusivity – Bentley was the perfect partner.

All zai for Bentley skis are hand-made by skilled craftsmen, using the finest materials available. Their dynamic lines and high-tech surfaces are not merely for show; zai for Bentley skis deliver incredible power and acceleration, plus a level of precise directional control that’s guaranteed to exhilarate, whatever your skill level.

To give the Bentley skis their lightness, warp-resistance and strength, bonded cedarwood staves form the base of the ski. The distinctive external lattice – inspired by Bentley’s signature diamond motif – is made from fine-grade spring steel for unparalleled strength and torsion control.

A stainless steel edge protects against impact and corrosion, while a natural rubber surface, exclusive to zai, provides scratch-resistance and advanced dampening qualities. The rubber surface alone costs as much as some professional race skis.

All skis come with an exclusive leather and neoprene ski bag and carbon ski poles with stitched leather grips and the Bentley ‘B’ logos.

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