Bentley Continental GT in Extreme Silver




The story of Bentley begins with an engine. But not a car engine. The Sopwith  Camel’s BR1 rotary-radial engine, considered the finest fighter aircraft engine of World War I, was designed by a young engineer called W.O. Bentley. Its success provided W.O. with the funds to found a car company in 1919. Within the decade, Bentley had become the dominant force in endurance racing, with five Le Mans victories and countless other victories to its name.

W.O. did not live to see the 12-cylinder 6-litre Continental engine, with its compact ‘W’ cylinder formation and twin-turbochargers, but he would certainly have been fascinated by it. With its maximum power of 575PS it is capable of astonishing performance, yet it is also impeccably refined.

CGT Location exterior rear 3/4

Driving Dynamics

Unlike standard two-wheel-drive cars, the Continental GT benefits from one of the world’s most advanced all-wheel-drive systems, ensuring that all the power the 12-cylinder engine generates is utilised. Its ability to accelerate under a wave of torque at any speed, in all weather conditions is unparalleled.

All-wheel drive is not simply about delivering superb traction for higher performance, it also ensures greater safety in all weather conditions. The advanced system can instantaneously adjust the power split between the front and rear wheels depending on the available grip. In addition, the uprated Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system operates alongside the all-wheel drive system to deliver superb reassurance whatever your driving style.

Bentley Continental GT, performance


Bentley’s engineers have refined the twin-turbochargers for improved responsiveness at low engine speeds. Together with the latest ME17 engine management system and the beneficial effects of the new 8-speed close-ratio transmission, the result is a 12  per  cent reduction in fuel consumption and
CO2 emission and faster acceleration, compared with the preceding W12 model.