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Exterior Design

The Crewe styling team has created a Bentley convertible of elegantly tailored lines and muscular form. Those distinctive large, close-set inner headlamps, ringed by jewel-like LED lights, sit either side of the new chrome grille. At the rear, Bentley’s signature ‘floating’ LED lights draw ones eye to the extremities of the car, emphasising its low, wide stance and new lip-style spoiler.


Interior Design

The symmetrical fascia of the Continental GT V8 Convertible was inspired by the Bentley winged ‘B’, and features a 'flying buttress' centre stack and open illuminated stowage.

Inside, the Mulliner GT Design front seats can be specified with an optional neck warmer feature, tempting you to enjoy open-top motoring on your way to the ski run. Choose the optional front seat ventilation system, and excess heat is drawn out of the seat backrest and cushion by silent-running fans, allowing you to experience summer sunshine while remaining cool. Standard on the Continental V8 models is the Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus veneer trim, giving the interior a fresh, contemporary look - and new for 2016 is Dark Stained Madrona veneer, a rich elegant veneer available across the Continental Range. 



Whether it is the technological - the knife-edge crease lines down the front wings of the Continental GT V8 Convertible made using a technique called superforming. No other process enables such a complex panel to be created with such crisp sharp lines and without seams or joins.

Or the traditional – the upholstery hide begins with an age-old tanning process that retains the rich, natural aroma of classic Bentley interiors. Creating a cocoon of curved yet crisply-defined planes and surfaces demands the highest standards of skill from our dedicated craftspeople.


Colour and choice

At Bentley, it's a point of pride to offera wide selection of exterior and interior colours, with veneers, duo-tone colour splits and all-important details such as wheels to create a near-infinite choice. 

For further guidance, your Bentley dealer will be happy to help you bring the Bentley Coninental GT V8 that lives in your mind's eye into reality

Explore the wide range of colours available on our Bentley Configurator.