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The Continental GT Speed represents Bentley performance at its most uncompromising: featuring all-wheel drive transmission, a chassis tune which delivers thrilling agility and a deeper and more exhilarating exhaust note, the GT Speed is capable of devastating acceleration and enduring pace.  



Bentley's W12 is a remarkable engine, both for its performance and its architecture. Best described as two narrow angle V6 engines sharing a common crankshaft, it delivers the refinement and power of a twelve-cylinder engine whilst remaining compact. Fed by twin-turbochargers, the W12 Speed specification which powers the Continental GT Speed offers a full spectrum of performance from whisper-quiet cruise to snarling full-throttle acceleration.



The eight-speed transmission of the Continental GT Speed delivers both faster acceleration and improved fuel efficiency, with a commensurate reduction in CO2 emissions and increase to tank range. Not only that, it makes a fast car even faster, cutting acceleration times by ensuring that the engine is always at the ideal RPM for peak torque delivery. The transmission's faster, smoother gear changes are perfectly matched by the GT Speed's new gear box delivering the engine's power to all four wheels. Torque is biased toward the rear in a 60:40 ratio, which creates perfect cornering balance and reassuring grip.



By bringing the Speed models 10mm closer to the ground, Bentley's chassis engineering team laid the foundation for an even sportier driving experience. To do so they changed the springs, dampers, anti roll bars and supension bushes. The result is improved body control under hard cornering, together with greater agility.

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Bentley’s engineering team has ensured that the GT Speed engine and powertrain is just as fuel-efficient as the Continental GT. The latest engine management system, an eight-speed transmission and careful refinement of the turbocharger settings have seen an overall improvement of 13% in fuel economy, with a commensurate increase in tank range compared to the previous generation model.