Continental GT Speed, treadplates


The distinctive Continental GT Speed is Bentley’s fastest and most powerful Continental ever. And it shows. Even motionless, this car has a breathtaking presence. Every last detail, right down to the unique Speed badge, makes no secret of this car’s intent.

Continental GT Speed, front view

Exterior Design

The Continental GT Speed's large inner headlights, muscular powerline and matrix grille give fresh expression to the heritage of Bentley grand touring. The matrix grille and air intakes of the Speed are in a dark-tint chrome finish and are matched to equally striking dark tint front and rear lamps. The dark tint 21" Speed alloy wheels are unique to this model, and are available in silver also should you prefer. Large, elliptical exhaust tailpipes feature a rifled interior, while the engine note that emerges from them is deeper and more emphatic.


Interior Design

When you drive a Bentley, leather provides the tactile connection between your hands and the high-performance grand tourer at your command. Leather also covers the seats, supporting you securely under hard cornering. In fact, every soft-touch surface in the cockpit is covered with leather produced using a special, traditional tanning process. Some might consider it excessive to offer a choice of carpet and seat belt colours that’s as extensive as Bentley’s range of hides. But such people don’t work at Crewe, home of Bentley Motors, here we understand that perfection resides as much in the details as in the broad brush strokes. So whether you want your seat belts to match the main hide or the secondary hide, whether your carpet overmats have contrast binding or single colour, your Continental GT Speed will be crafted to your specifications.


Mulliner Specification

The name Mulliner has been associated with some of the greatest Bentleys of all time, including the iconic 'R' Type Continental of 1952. So it's appropriate that the Continental GT Speed is equipped with the Mulliner Driving Specification as standard. Diamond quilted leather seats, indented leather headlining and embroidered winged 'B' emblems on the headrests add a touch of hand-crafted distinction. Drilled alloy pedals, a knurled sports gear lever and 'jewel' oil and fuel filler caps are inspired details from an inspiring heritage.


Colour and Choice

As well as the seventeen exterior paint finishes in the core colour palette that our designers have selected for the Continental GT Speed, your Bentley dealer can also show you almost 100 optional finishes, including solid, metallic, pearlescent and satin-finish paints.