With its four-layer fabric hood in place, the Continental GT Speed Convertible has the profile of a high-performance Bentley coupé. Yet, once the hood is stowed away, the eye can survey a smooth, uninterrupted sweep of bodywork. In this form the clean, confident proportions of the GT Speed Convertible are even more striking: the seamless Superformed wings and crisply-defined body creases create an impression of tension and muscularity, right back to the redesigned rear lip spoiler.

GTCSpeed_Front34_1920 x670.jpg

Exterior Design

Designing a convertible is one of the most challenging, and rewarding, jobs in the automotive world. That's because it is two cars in one. To create a beautiful open tourer requires smooth, sweeping lines without visual clutter. Yet the design team needs to consider the hood too, creating a smooth coupé profile that integrates smoothly with the bodywork. By creating two cars in one, Bentley may have created all the high performance cars you'll ever need.

The new model is even more striking, incorporating a re-sculpted front face, giving the car a purposeful and thoroughly modern look.


Interior Design

The Bentley GT Speed Convertible features Mulliner GT Design seats - newly restyled with smaller diamond upholstery and a semi-aniline hide option - are welcoming yet superbly supportive. Switch on the neck warmer feature and a stream of warm air from a discreet vent just below the headrest takes the chill off your drive. The seat massage system includes two lumbar and ten surface cells to keep you alert and relaxed as you drive.


Mulliner Driving Specification

The name Mulliner has been associated with some of the greatest Bentleys of all time, including the iconic 'R' Type Continental of 1952. It's appropriate therefore that the Continental GT Speed Convertible is equipped with the Mulliner Driving Specification as standard. Diamond quilted leather seats, indented leather headlining and embroidered winged 'B' emblems on the headrests add a touch of handcrafted distinction. Drilled alloy pedals, a knurled sports gear lever and Jewel oil and fuel filler caps are inspired details from a distinguished heritage.


Colour and Choice

As well as the seventeen exterior paint finishes in the core colour palette that our designers have selected for the Continental GT Speed Convertible, your Bentley dealer can also show you almost 100 optional finishes, including solid, metallic, pearlescent and satin-finish paints. Additionally, Bentley's range of hood colours offers you the chance to add to the individuality of your Continental GT Speed Convertible.

The new GT Speed Convertible for 2016 features a new veneer available for the Continental range: Dark Stained Madrona.

Explore more about the colours and options available here on our Bentley Configurator.