Gemma Armstrong

Why did you choose an Industrial Placement programme?
When applying to Universities I was attracted by the idea of spending a year in company through an industrial placement scheme. I am a very keen learner and wanted to be able to demonstrate and relate my studies and abilities to a job with real roles and responsibilities.

At Nottingham Trent University, the BA (joint Honours) Business Management course offers an industrial placement year within the degree and Bentley’s Industrial Placement Scheme presented the opportunity to complete a placement in Public Relations (PR). This was very appealing as a niche area of Sales & Marketing with the prospects to develop my communication, presentation and organisational skills.

What is a typical day like?
A typical day in the Bentley PR office varies greatly as we are progressing with the current affairs. My typical day can be a media factory visit, bespoke photo shoots or assisting with organisation and planning of an iconic car launch.
Communication is essential in PR as our objectives are to promote Bentley people, skills and products as well as protecting the brand. This is done through the use of media relations such as press releases, factory tours and launch events.
It is great to be part of a fast paced team working with the iconic British brand of Bentley, laced in heritage and luxury characteristics.

Are you studying for any qualifications?
I am currently studying BA (Joint Honours) Business Management and Marketing at Nottingham Trent University. My Industrial Placement year in company has enriched my work experience and CV by providing me with roles and responsibilities that have enabled me to develop my skills. I will be using these transferable skills when I return to University for my final year.

What's good about working at Bentley?
Bentley is a brand that everybody knows and appreciates, whilst working for Bentley I have developed my own passion for the brand and enjoy sharing it with media and others.

Bentley offers great prospects for development including evening language classes, presentation courses and performance development reviews. All of these tools set you up to strive to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Overall, I would say that Bentley provides great opportunities internally through development and growth and externally as it is such a well respected brand.

Any tips or advice you would give to someone applying for an Industrial Placement vacancy?
I would say that prior research and knowledge on Bentley would be highly useful and also, the ability to demonstrate passion in your chosen field as this passion can be translated in to hard work and motivation within your role.

Finally, I would recommend that any applicants should have a good understanding of the importance of Bentley’s relationships with stakeholders including customers, media, suppliers and the community. I believe that knowledge of this can help you understand the way Bentley operates and contribute successfully to this.