Nick Parr

Why did you choose a graduate programme?
Graduate programmes are associated with employers that are keen to develop talent for the future. It is this commitment to development and providing opportunities that I feel I need at this stage in my career. I specifically chose the Bentley Motors graduate programme due to a long standing interest in the sector and the great reputation of the product. As I hoped, Bentley is proving the ideal place to learn my trade as a Graduate in Personnel.

What is a typical day like?
Although I have several regular responsibilities my days are usually varied. Personnel can be seen as a support function and due to this I am highly responsive to the needs of my customer areas within Bentley. This could be providing generalist HR guidance to anywhere from the shop floor to senior management, reporting key resource planning information, or supporting the recruitment process.

Are you studying for any qualifications?
I already had the professional qualification in my field (CIPD), however if not, I would be supported to gain this. I am studying German for the Foreign Languages At Work qualification in preparation for a placement at Volkswagen in Germany.

What's good about working at Bentley?
For me it is all about the people and the product. In every area of the business there are talented and dedicated employees, which, to me personally, is a great source of motivation. Furthermore, to have a world class product being engineered and built right here on site provides a constant reminder of what Bentley is all about.

Any tips or advice you would give to someone applying for a graduate vacancy?
Devote as much time and effort to your application as you can. It is really important to 'sell' yourself well at this stage as it is Bentley's first opportunity to look at you. Evidence of ambition, self-development and outside interests related to your field are important, as is an enthusiasm for what Bentley does.