Pre-Series Centre

To facilitate the seamless introduction of new products into Final Assembly production, the Pre-Series Centre works closely with all other areas of the business to identify and solve design for assembly issues, through both digital and physical analysis. Responsibilities include:

  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Component and System Design for Assembly
  • Dimensional Management / Tolerance Analysis
  • Virtual vehicle build
  • Physical Tolerance Property build
  • Simulator / Prototype vehicle build
  • Launch vehicle build and Production support
  • Achievement of agreed Cost, Quality and Delivery targets in accordance with TS16949

Pre-Series Centre is sub-divided in to three main departments:

Manufacturing Feasibility

Manufacturing Feasibility
 - Responsible for both virtual and physical assembly analysis of interdependent part designs, tolerances, processes & facilities against the delivery of functional / Quality targets.
 - Responsible for utilising technical knowledge to lead the resolution of Manufacturing Assembly issues within cross-functional teams.

Manufacturing Assembly Analysis
 - Responsible for both virtual and physical assembly analysis of the design against agreed lean manufacturing and Design for Assembly principles for Final Assembly.

Dimensional Management
 - Responsible for virtual tolerance analysis of vehicle systems, to estimate variation and drive the delivery of a robust vehicle geometry strategy

Virtual Assurance

Virtual Analysis
 - Responsible for digital design analysis. Using V5 Computer Aided Design, to generate design solution proposals to support the resolution of project complex system feasibility issues.

Virtual Build
 - Responsible for virtual assembly verification. Using V5 simulation planning software, to support virtual prototype build activities, to identify build issues and confirm assembly sequence optimisation.

Physical Validation

Conduct physical vehicle builds utilising measurement technology to qualify product assembly, and concerns management to drive identified issues to resolution.