Information Systems

The Information Systems (IS) department at Bentley Motors is responsible for delivering the IT requirements of the company. To enable this the department operates a number of teams, each one focused on supporting and developing IT solutions for the various areas of the business:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • Purchase
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering

The nature of the business demands that IS responds to customer requirements rapidly and effectively. The requirements may be targeted towards internal customers, or our worldwide region and dealer network. To meet customer expectations IS associates are encouraged to use team-working skills both within their local team and more broadly across the department. Our focus is very much on building the competencies required to enhance and support the diverse number of systems that we have, and getting involved in business process optimisation, which support the Bentley business.

The rate of change in systems at Bentley has been extensive in the last few years, as we help to transform the company from building 2,000 cars per year to one that produces 10,000. Bentley are part of the VW family and so have recently implemented a number of systems that allow us to integrate and share data with our parent company, and, as such, have a department which is able to support a variety of systems using a broad range of toolsets

The Bentley IT teams generally fall into one of two categories:

Application Development Teams

These teams are responsible for the implementation, support and development of software applications that are used to support the processes operated by the various business departments. As such they tend to be made up of IT team members with skills such as business process design, systems analysis and programming.

Technical Support Teams

These teams are responsible for ensuring that the underlying IT infrastructure is capable of supporting the needs of the Bentley business. They have a wide variety of technical skills that enable them to provide design and support capabilities to IT items such as; Wide & Local Area Networks (WAN & LAN), IT security (firewalls, virus checkers),  Database support (design, tuning & backup),  Server strategies, Telephony and more.